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LifeAlert - Medical Alert Devices for Seniors.
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our health history is quickly given
to paramedics during an emergency

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an emergency

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No Retirement Home

Life Alert® helps you maintain your independent life and can replace or delay the move to a retirement home. A 2004 ACNielsen study found that Life Alert® members enter a retirement home 6 years later than seniors of the same age who don’t use Life Alert®.

Our Years of Experience

Life Alert® pairs unique technology with experienced emergency dispatchers to save lives. Life Alert® has twice the number of dispatchers per member compared to alarm companies and each year our expert dispatchers handle over two million emergency calls.


Life Saving Testimonials

Since July 3, 2008

  • 7 March, 2014

    “When you have a heart attack like I did, and no one is there, Life Alert was there for me.”

    S.P Covina,CA
  • 16 March, 2014

    “A Testimonial from a daughter”