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The Life Alert® Protection Services have been trusted by thousands of Life Alert ® members for over two decades, Life Alert® provides round the clock protection against health emergencies (such as a fall, stroke or heart attack), fire (via monitored smoke alarms) and carbon monoxide poisoning (via monitored CO alarms). Also available is the Life Alert HELP cell phone for protection when you are not at home.

  • 10 March 2014

    “I left the house in a hurry and forgot I had a pot on the stove with a piece of beef boiling for soup. The water boiled out and the meat started to burn, Life Alert’s smoke alarm was alerted and calls were made to the fire and police dept. Thank god the house was saved by Life Alert.”

    - T.M. Lebanon, PA
  • 10 March 2014

    “I fell on my back on the kitchen floor, my Life Alert was around my neck so I pushed the button and they responded. They were very concerned, considerate, and caring. I asked for a policeman and they came promptly and help me get up. I decided I didn’t need to go to the hospital, so the ambulance was cancelled. The policeman stayed long enough to make sure I was alright.”

    - G.K. West Norriton, PA
  • 10 March 2014

    “Life Alert has helped so much. When the ambulance arrives they provide them with all the information they need, what was wrong with me, my doctor’s name, all my medications, and what hospital they should take me too. Life Alert also notified all the telephone numbers of my family members and did the calling. I was in awe of this, thank you!”

    - M.W. Whiting, IN
  • 10 March 2014

    “I was getting out of the tub after my shower; I had my leg up and over the tub side when the shower curtain and rod fell on me. It startled me so I fell into the tub and could not get up or out of it after trying to for a couple minutes. I then pushed my Life Alert button for help; they came in thru my back door and came to my aid. I was very thankful.”

    - M.R. Oak Lawn, IL
  • 10 March 2014

    “Each time my wife has fallen over the past year, thankfully, it was without injury. Life Alert has been a big help, not only informing the local fire dept. but calling back to see if she is okay. We feel we are much safer having Life Alert.”

    - G.M. Hayward, CA
  • 10 March 2014

    “I fell while getting dressed. I wear a long brace on my left leg that is not flexible and when I fall I can’t bend my left leg to assist me getting up, I need the help of another person to get back on my feet. Without Life Alert, I would have to lie where I fell until a family member returned home which would have been for several hours.”

    - G.A. Redmond, OR
  • 10 March 2014

    “In the last 2 ½ years I have fallen twice and was too weak to pull myself to my feet. Both times Life Alert was prompt and alert. They were sympathetic and stayed on the line and were encouraging until help came. Also, they checked back later to make sure I was alright. I recommended them to everyone.”

    - L.G. Newton, NJ
  • 10 March 2014

    “I had a very bad case of Vertigo, weak and nauseous. I called my daughter then called Life Alert, there was no position I could lay or move my head because of the dizziness. Life Alert walked my daughter through as what to do until EMTs arrived which was a matter of minutes. We were so glad to have Life Alert to tell everyone what to do. Thank you.”

    - M.R. Taylor Springs, IL
  • 10 March 2014

    “I have told everyone that Life Alert saved my life. At 3 am I woke up feeling strange and made my way to the bathroom next to my bed. When I turned around I passed out, when I came to I crawled to the table beside my bed and pressed my Life Alert button. The operator could not have been more thoughtful, assuring me help was on the way; and very soon ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital.”

    - D.C. Marietta, GA
  • 10 March 2014

    “Dad had fallen and he pushed the button. When Life Alert received no response from him they contacted my brother and me, and stayed connected until we arrived. The ambulance was dispatched and again Life Alert said they will remain on the line until EMTs arrived. We all appreciate the courteousness and promptness.”

    - W.L. Como, MS