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LifeAlert - Medical Alert Devices for Seniors.
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The Life Alert® Protection Services have been trusted by thousands of Life Alert ® members for over two decades, Life Alert® provides round the clock protection against health emergencies (such as a fall, stroke or heart attack), fire (via monitored smoke alarms) and carbon monoxide poisoning (via monitored CO alarms). Also available is the Life Alert HELP cell phone for protection when you are not at home.

  • 7 December 2022

    “She was amazing and kind. When I asked my neighbor to call my family, Life Alert said it’s ok, already done. Kind and understanding. She stayed with me the whole time until emergency crew said we’re ready to go. Just amazing. And YES, I have recommended it to others. You’re a LIFE SAVER & I got it ‘cause many years ago, my mom had the system.”

    - P. G., West Nyack, NY
  • 7 December 2022

    “I fell during the noon hour on a Saturday. I didn’t know when (if ever) any one would call or come to my apartment. I was in a lot of pain and was afraid I would “pass out” and lie there for days. I pushed my Life Alert button and got a response quickly. They were friendly, caring and reassuring. When I couldn’t hear them, I would call “Hello” quietly into the phone. They were so caring and always assured me “Help was on the way, they would not leave me.” The never did. Thank you!”

    - G. S., Brooklyn Center, MN
  • 7 December 2022

    “Life Alert saved my life not once, but twice in 2022. On February 8 or 9, my right leg froze causing me to fall in my kitchen and obtaining a sizeable gash on the top of my head. I have chosen not to have a cell phone and was nowhere near my landline where I could have called 911. If not for Life Alert, I would have “bled out” and died. A similar event occurred in my bathroom on June 10th except the gash was on my right arm. (My landline is in my living room.) Again, I would have “bled out” and died had it not been for Life Alert. I praise Life Alert whenever and wherever I can.”

    - M. H., Shelby, OH
  • 7 December 2022

    “Mom fell and hit her head and did some serious damage to her ear. She pressed her pendant and they called the local nurse and then EMS. I was called but was in an important work meeting and disregarded the call. Life Alert followed up by calling my wife, who contacted me. We got to the ER just as Mom’s ambulance was pulling in thanks to Life Alert!”

    - R.S, Sandusky, OH
  • 6 December 2022

    “A dresser fell on my dad. Luckily, he had his Life Alert necklace on. He was able to push the button. You saved his life. The ambulance was there within minutes. I was notified immediately. Life Alert is awesome!”

    - J.S., Ennis, MT
  • 6 December 2022

    “I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I was unable to get up due to my physical limitations, but was unhurt by the fall. I used my neck pendant and was able to communicate with Life Alert Rep from several rooms away from base. Rep stayed on the line with me until the emergency response team arrived. Appreciate the concern and care of Life Alert Rep. He was professional and compassionate.”

    - S. M., Tempe AZ
  • 6 December 2022

    “I have positional vertigo and I fell near the backyard steps in my garden. I fell hard and broke my wrist, fractured both radius and ulna, and was badly shaken. I always wear my “On-the-Go” Pendant if I’m out of the house (or even in basement) and pressed the button. Response was IMMEDIATE. Operator called local rescue and eventually ambulance. Notified my contacts (Twice! They were very impressed.) I was so glad I have Life Alert! Normally no one would have seen me lying there, but a neighbor did and helped too. Very lucky.”

    - L. M., Elmira, NY
  • 6 December 2022

    “I live by myself and I very much would like to remain in my home. Without Life Alert, that would not be possible. I enjoy my garden and my flowers. I enjoy watching my birds and deer. Without Life Alert, that would not be possible. Also, an A+ service.”

    - N.M., Weston, WV
  • 2 December 2022

    “My 86-year-old mother with Parkinson’s lives with me. I was recently awakened at approximately 4:30 AM by a call from Life Alert. Mom had fallen trying to use the commode in her bedroom. Due to the distance between our bedrooms, I could not hear her little voice calling out. Life Alert to the rescue, even with somebody else nearby.”

    - J.M., Olyphant, PA
  • 2 December 2022

    “If I bend too low on my hunches, I can’t get up because I topple. Fortunately, I don’t injure myself. I just need help getting upright. The dispatcher is in contact communicating with me until EMS arrives. I always feel taken care of and safe.”

    - D.E., Livonia, MI